HHP Custom Art

Need Characters? Want SFW and NSFW art for your Partons? How about a coloring page ripped right from your own book covers? HHP has you covered!

All work starts with a tablet drawing

Note these are base prices.

(Complexity plays a major role in pricing)

Custom line ART 

(Typically used for coloring pages)

Single Character $150+

Couple $300+

Backgrounds added $150+ 

Basic Color Painting  Add-on 

(Standard color render)

Single Character $75+

Couple $135+

Backgrounds added $75

Advanced Realism Add-on

(Extended blending to create a more photo-realistic feel)

Single Character $90+

Couple $165

Backgrounds $9

$75+ Basic Additional Per Character for Why Choose and Poly Imagery.

$100+ Cover Coloringbook Render and requires advanced licensing of images (Author's expense). 

Will require at min 30 days to produce as each is hand-blended with zero AI generation

All images require an additional $150 merchandising fee for a commercial use release.

(While revisions are available within reason, a shift in total concept will require an additional $75 per changed element.)

Cover Coloring Book

Line Art to Advanced Realism

Basic Color Render and Coloring Page

Line Art to secondary Basic Color Style (no price change)

Advanced Realism

While I am not a portrait artist, I am willing to work from a suggested likeness. Such as the merman below, the client wanted Aquaman Vibes.