Author Branding, Book Covers, Teasers, and more

THE HHP Pledge

We at HHP (Haney Hayes Promotions) Pledge to our clients that we are 100% dedicated to Human Created Content. We will diligently work to continue to offer Graphic Designs WITHOUT the use of Generative AI software. Our team believes in 100% transparency in our practices and believes that until there is an ethical and regulated usage by law and practice in regard to Generative AI products, we will NOT use them or promote them in any way, shape, or form.  

Now that we've cleared that up, take a look at the pretties!

NOTE: All Pricing is at the Starting Cost. (Complexity plays a major role in pricing)
  Unless otherwise specified, All Projects Take, on average, 30 days to execute once materials are acquired from the client.We require a 1/3 non-refundable downpayment to start any project. A further explanation of this practice may be found in our TOS.Click Here for a Clear understanding of all Terminology and abbreviations used by Haney Hayes Promotions. (HHP)

Author Branding $300+

HHP Custom Cover Packages

Haney Hayes Promotions will create a beautiful custom design with your ideas and the book's story at the forefront. Bring us your favorite scene, and let's see if we can bring it to the page.

All Cover Packages include3 custom teasers (Client must provide the edited wording)1 Facebook Page Banner1 3d book image1 Social Media-ready image for PR purposes! 

Single Cover Package

Designs start at

$75+ e-book, 

$200+ Full wrap and e-book

3 or more Series Package

$65+ ebook only

$175+ Full wrap and e-book

Custom Teasers

$15 3 Teasers 

$20 5 Teasers 

$35 10 Teasers 

$25 3 Teasers 

$35 5 Teasers 

$65 10 Teasers

We pick the Content Teaser and Excerpts

$35 3 Teasers 

$50 5 Teasers 

$75 10 Teasers 

+$.003 Per Word*

Haney Hayes Promotions will read your manuscript, picking teaser lines or 500-word excerpts to your genre needs for sharing and promotions. 

*Haney Hayes Promotions reserves the right to reject any manuscript that does not adhere to basic industry standards, and as mentioned above a 1/3 non-refundable is required even in the case  of a rejected manuscript.Combinations welcomed

Custom logos

Custom Book Branded Stickers and Swag Images


For Author Branding

Includes logo stylization, Banner, and business card sizing. 

For Series Branding

Includes logo stylization

***This includes an added fee of $150 for the release use for Merch. If Merchandising is not required, a price adjustment may be provided.The files provided are JPEG and PNG.Additional File TypesSVG, VECTOR, and EPS files are $25 each