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J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky and still resides there with her family. Her work tends to lean toward real life, drawing her readers into a world they can get lost inside. Probably the biggest book whore, she knows. She loves books of all genres except horror… The big Chicken! Getting excited when introduced to a new author, she has been likened to a kid in a candy shop.

S.I. Hayes was born in Connecticut but currently lives in Ohio. Telling stories has always been a passion and compulsion. She swears she was taught to write with pen and paper just so her family could get some peace and quiet. When not writing, she designs book covers or teasers for her work as well as other Authors.

Since 2016, Haney and Hayes, colloquially known as The Deviant Darlings, have been on the journey of a thousand tales. Their joy for writing and helping authors led to the launch of Haney Hayes Promotions (HHP), an Author Services Company that helps authors from the ground up. Be they just starting out or have accolades like USA Today or Wallstreet Journal, HHP strives to give every author they work with the support they need so that they can do what they love.

Keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by. You know, just in case.

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Steamy collection filled with, single parents, second chances and rekindling old love.

A Melting Hot, Enemies and Best Friends to Lovers Polyamorous Office Romance 

Standalone Novels

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A Sweet but not Clean, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Relationship with an Artistic BBW Cat Lady

A Dark Steamy Contemporary New Adult Multicultural Romantic Suspense, With Organized Crime. 

A Steamy Second Chance Multiracial

Holiday, Billionaire Romance By Land 

and By Sea, with a surprise Baby.

A Humorous Chick Lit  Steamy Romance with Slice of Life,  Naked Surfers, and Cowardly Lions.

A Dark Steamy Contemporary New  Adult, Multiracial, College Romantic  Suspense.

A New Adult Contemporary Rockstar Romance with Voyeurism, and a Music Competition.

A Steamy Second Chance Holiday, Romance on a Christmas Tree Farm.

A Scorching New Adult Contemporary Romance with Suspenseful Undertones

A Quirky Steamy Forced Proximity,  Reclusive Billionaire,  Grumpy Sunshine, Pandemic Contemporary Romance

A Spicy Multiracial Contemporary Holiday Romance with Humorous Elements, Second Chances, and Small Towns.

A Contemporary Age Gap, Single Dad/Nanny Romance, with Best Friends Daughter, Small Town, New Adult, Slice of Life, and Taboo. 

An Open Door, Enemies to Lovers,  First Time, MM College Road Trip Romance 

A Steamy Two Hour, Holiday Romance, With A Single Chocolatier, and A Failure To Launch Florist. 

A Steamy Dark Urban Fantasy Paranormal Why Choose,  Dating App Romance


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A Steamy Contemporary Romance 

of a man on the road to finding himself. Prequel to Stolen Moments.

A Steamy Contemporary Romance 

with Country/City, Small Town, Fish out 

of Water, and Coming of Age Drama.

A Steamy Rocker Romance with 

Accidental Marriage, Forced Proximity, 

and OCD tendencies. ANd Of Course, Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll!

A Steamy Contemporary New Adult, Romance With Trust Fund Babies and 

a Heroine with a

dark past and the Designated Dave that loves her.

A Steamy New Adult Coming Of Age 

Romance, where the Teenagers take over.

A Steamy Contemporary Military Romance

with a Hot Baby Daddy, giving off Wounded Warrior Energy, and an Independent Baby Mamma leading to and Family Drama.

A Contemporary New Adult  Urban Fantasy Romance with Vampires, Werewolves, and an MC Bend.

A Steamy Contemporary Romance with Single

Parents, Sassy Young Adults and a Sexy Snarky


A Paranormal LGBT Romance with 

Shifters, Fantasy Worlds, 

Assassinations, Menage, FMF, FF, 

Fantastic Beasts, and Hot Alphas. 

A Steamy Contemporary Romance with a group of supportive Single Parents, dealing with Divorce, Death, and all the Family Drama.

A Steamy Undercover Romance with 

Suspenseful Undertones and a Brady Bunch Vibe.

A Steamy Romantic Military Suspense with mild 

PNR and gritty themes.

A Steamy Second Chance Romance, with a broken Doctor, a Hard Coal Miner and all the feels.

A Small Town Age Gab, Rockstar Romance with an ornery Hasbeen, a Country Career Reboot, and an Impossible Coincidence. 

A Dark Steamy MC Romantic Suspense, with 

Big D-Single Daddy Energy, A Hot Doc,

1% actions and other gnarly

Organized Crime.

A Paranormal Romance, with Reverse Harem, Academy,  Witchcraft, Urban Fantasy,  Magic, Supernatural and Occult Themes.


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A Sweet But Not Clean Friends To

Lovers New Adult Romance 

A Hot Steamy and fast Contemporary 

Romance, with a touch of Suspense. 

A Steamy Contemporary Romance with

Swapping Twins in Peril 


An New Adult, Brother's Bestfriend College Romance 

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