Meet Chrystal

By day Chrystal Light (total pseudonym) works in the world of governmental boxes and checks, where order and structure are laid out in neat little rows.  But when darkness falls, she dons the mask and becomes the author of  Fabulous Fun Fiction where

Greatness is a POV. 

Everyone is the Hero of their Own Story. 

The Fallen can Rise.

Sometimes the Villain Can Be Redeemed.

Even Losers Can Win.

Experience the twists and turns of a Demented but Hopeful mind. 

Prepare to have a head filled with stories from Fluffy Bunny to Downright Freaky Deaky-

It’s time to sit on the outskirts with the outcasts-

Chrystal is a brand new author so information is limited at present but follow her socials so you can learn as she does! It's going to be Super!