Welcome to Haney Hayes Promotions, we are an integrated Author Services Company that specializes in Public Relations, Social Media and Author Management. 

Who are Jess Haney & Shannon Hayes? 

Jess and I (Shannon) are pretty laid-back individuals. Jess is a born and bred Southern girl where they say Thank You, Ma’am, and Bless Your Heart, while I am a Connecticut Yankee in the Buckeye State’s Court. Lol.  Where I can be sharp-tongued Jess is sassy and fun, but we are ALWAYS 100% upfront, honest and transparent. 

We do not mince words and will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. When hired, we will look over every morsel of your brand, from covers to public image, and let you know what needs trimming, or new backlighting. We’ll tell you if Yellow is not your color, but don’t be afraid of that, because if you are hell-bent on wearing the color of sunshine, we will break our collective asses to find a shade that works with that purple lipstick. *Wink* 

We complement each other. I am Felix to her Oscar, and together we strive to get things done. We hope to help shield authors from those things that could hurt them while letting them have all of the light they need to grow.

The HHP Goal 

With over ten years of combined marketing, promotional, and publishing experience, we found the heart of the matter was missing. Too many are in this industry to just make a buck and while that is a goal, it is not the goal at Haney Hayes Promotions.

We work hard and have found that helping others can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  Meeting a new client and finding that we connect is an exciting thing. To take our knowledge of the book community and stand in the corner supporting our clients to help them succeed is a thrill. Getting to know them, laughing with them, talking them out of deleting those 10k words when they message at 2 am in a panic is what we live for. As authors in our own right, we got into this business because we have experienced scammers, and the price gougers first hand. Our goal is to make success a real possibility for any author willing to meet us halfway.

We know that writing and publishing aren’t always wine and roses, so it’s important to us that concerns are brought to the table and questions addressed when they arise. The worst experiences we have had with clients were those that simply believed that not being communicative and leaving us to do everything with zero input would increase their chances for success. We know and stress the importance of Author Visibility, and encourage every client to remember that we as a PA/VA or publicist can only do so much before the fanbase tires of us and demands to see the author. This can be a point of frustration, but for those clients that are ready to work with a team, and truly communicate with their people, we are here to help pave the way and can’t wait to get started.

We’ve got the Experience

Jess has worked with small and Indie Presses as book and project managers, where her strong interpersonal and organizational skills helped her to learn and focus on author needs. She searches publishing trends and looks ahead to help clients from conception to publication. She has experience planning when the best times to release and conduct sales that may be beneficial to the author's goals, as well as being a motivational whisper in their ear when they need it. 

Shannon streamlines the newsletter experience, with on-brand colors and visuals to help make every newsletter stand out for every author. Together with Jess, they have created some of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow onboarding processes for authors. With an almost paint by numbers feel, they get to the nitty-gritty of their client’s work so that they can find the best target audience available through cross-promotions and research to find the best ways for authors to be seen. Shannon also has almost 20 years of graphic design experience which lends her to the more creative side of Marketing and Promotions. Covers, teasers, and now even TikTok videos have been added to her portfolio to help authors effectively brand and begin to be recognized at just a glance.

Won't you join us? 



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In order to ensure HHP doesn't wind up as SPAM, it is best to Whitelist us. This means training your email to recognize us! Below are the instructions! We like to make life easy!