Promotional Services


PR Services -   Requires 30 days to set up hence 3-month min.

$200 (1 Month) $450 (3 Months) $900 (6 Months) $1800 (1 Year)

We are PayPal Verified and do 3-6 month Payment Options.

  • Unlimited Tour and Blitz Packets (Promotional Material)
  • Calendar/Schedules for Tours, Parties, Interviews, Take-Overs, ETC.
  • Sending out ARCs for releases and tours (preparing ARC's is an added service charge of $25 per ARC.)
  • Contacting blogs for reviews and giveaways
  • Organizing contests and giveaways
  • Promoting through our social media and interacting with followers

For more extensive needs please see our Personal Assitant page.

Deep Discounts on all other services such as Book covers, formatting, publishing, and the like.

Contact Haney Hayes Promotions for more information.

Hours of Operation
M-F 10am- 9pm EST

No weekends or holidays unless discussed prior or for a client service rendered

Note: We are Amazon Affiliates and may make a small percentage on any link we provide.

All Sales are Final and may only be disputed within ten (10) days of payment.

Haney Hayes Promotions reserves the right to terminate services at their discretion, with causation, such as conflict of interest, hypocrisy, social injustice, to ethical ambiguity.

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