PA's/ VA's and how to be one!

Mission Statement

Haney Hayes Promotions is more than just marketing.
We are also Personal/Virtual Assistants with the desire to help.

Our company wishes to bring to the publishing world an opportunity for those who love to read and who would like to work with authors an opportunity to learn how! We will be hosting a series of classes that will start you on your journey to becoming a PA/VA. Starting with how to represent yourself and approach an author, through how to help your author with the writing process. Some need muses, others need street teams. We will help you to understand what that means for you and your new Author. Join us for our Five-week courses! Bring your enthusiasm to learn and have some fun. BOOK NOW!

FIFTEEN HOURS of training for only $100.00 that's FIVE WEEKLY CLASSES! Or $25 per class. 
Plus three months of interning with HHP after you've finished your classes!

Schedule Days and Times Classes will run.
All times Are EST and can be tailored within the block.
Monday - Friday 10 am to 4pm & 8pm-11pm

Course Description:


PA VA 101 Week 1

1: What is the difference between a PA and a VA? Is one more valuable than the other?

2: If I want to be a PA what do I need to do first?

a)How to set up your personal Online Presence

b) How to use FB to Promote PT one.

Sign up for Book related FB Groups for Pimping

Explaining Dropbox & Google Drive


PA VA 102 Week 2

1. Okay so I’ve set up an online presence, but how do I get the numbers?

2. I don’t read certain genre’s do I have to promote those too?

3. How To use FB for Promoting Pt 2

Setting up your FB "Like" Page


Link events to Yours or Your Authors "Like" Pages

How to find them and network for your author.


PA VA 103 Week 3

Understanding the Paperwork

Takeover Doc

Author & Book Information

From MS Word to Google Forms.

Hootsuite, Tweet Deck and more!


PA VA 104 Week 4

Media Kits and their different types

Building the Media Kit

From Blogger/ Wordpress HTML and how to use it.

Basic Graphics


PA VA 105 Week 5

Review everything from the past four weeks. 

Advanced Course

PA VA 201 Week 1

Beginners Crash Course

The Difference Between a PA & VA
Google Docs.
Social Media
Hootsuite & TweetDeck
FB Groups & Events
Mailchimp, MailerLite, and Flodesk
Media Kits & HTMLs

Understanding The Paperwork
Takeover Doc
Author & Book Information
From MS Word to Google Forms.

PA VA 202 Week 2

Publishing your Author on Amazon & Draft2Digital

Signing Up for Amazon
Basic Codes
 Deciding Price
Deciding If your Author wants to do Kindle Unlimited
 If the Author isn’t doing Kindle Unlimited then you pop over to Draft2Digital and go through the same process only this time you choose what sellers your author would like.  


PA VA 203 Week 3

Publishing your Author on Amazon KDP

Signing Up for KDP
 KDP Select or No? 
The pros and cons of wide distribution versus being exclusive with Amazon.
Deciding Price
Deciding on which sellers to go with (D2D) 


PA VA 204 Week 4

Publishing your Author on ACX

Signing Up for ACX
Deciding Price
Deciding on which Narrators to go with


PA VA 205 Week 5

Review everything from the past four weeks. 

Book Now!

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