Indy Author Bundles

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Let Haney Hayes Promotions help you realize your publishing dreams! We are not a publisher! We collect 0 royalties, and you keep complete control of all your work! What we are offering is to bundle all of your needs into a simple, transparent place, then help you publish on your very own!

The package requires a 25% non-refundable deposit to apply to the total cost of the package.

All packages include walking you through how to set up your accounts and publish with Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital, which publishes to multiple platforms!

Your package will include the following.

Book Covers -

Base Price - $200

Package Price - $150

Includes EBook, Full Paperback Wrap,
3 custom Teasers,
3D PNG Images,
Social Media image
Custom Banner for Promotional Use

Editing and Basic Formatting Package (more advanced available at a negotiated rate)


.004 per word reg .005
(Grammar, punctuation, and Sentence Structure) or

Developmental Edit 

.006 per word reg .007
(Characterization, story arc, and plot bunnies will be tamed)

Author Branding 

Base Price - $250
Package Price - $200
Takes, on average, 30 days to execute.

3 Months PR

PR Services
Base Price - $450
Package Price - $400

3 Months Newsletter Management 

Base Price - $30-50
Package Price - FREE


Base Price - $1050 + Manuscript Size

Package Price - $750 + Manuscript Size

Non-Refundable Fee - 25 %

Custom Blurb may be added to any package for an additional $20.00 USD
Hours of Operation
M-F 10am- 9pm EST
No weekends or holidays unless discussed prior or for a client service rendered
All Sales are Final and may only be disputed within ten (10) days of payment.
Setup takes up to 2 weeks depending on the length of client Onboarding.

Haney Hayes Promotions reserves the right to terminate services at their discretion, with causation, such as conflict of interest, hypocrisy, social injustice, to ethical ambiguity.

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