Author Branding, Book Covers, Teasers and more

Author Branding, Book Covers, Teasers, and more

Cover Designs start at-

**$75.00 e-book, 
**$200.00 for full wrap and e-book

Haney Hayes Promotions will create a beautiful custom design with your ideas and the book's story at the forefront. Bring us your favorite scene, and let's see if we can bring it to the page.

Each custom cover comes with 3 custom teasers, a FB banner, and a 3d book image, as well as a social media-ready image for PR purposes! 

Custom Teasers  *Client provided Content

3 Teasers $15

5 Teasers $20

10 Teasers $35

Custom Teasers *Client suggested Content

3 Teasers $25

5 Teasers $35

10 Teasers $65

Author Branding $250+

Takes, on average, 30 days to execute.
  • Includes 3 hours of total Coaching Sessions via Google Meet.
  • Design and implementation of the proposed plan.
  • Building the Author from the ground up.

Custom logo $50 *Client provided Content

Includes logo stylization, Banner, and business card sizing. The files provided are JPEG and PNG.

Custom logo $75 *Client suggested Content.

Includes logo stylization, Banner, and business card sizing. The files provided are JPEG and PNG.

Some examples of work created below

Contact us today and let your story shine!
Facebook Contact PM for immediate response: 

Hours of Operation
M-F 10am- 9pm EST
No weekends or holidays unless discussed prior or for a client service rendered.

Note: We are Amazon Affiliates and may make a small percentage on any link we provide.

*Client provided Content- Client supplies materials for creation- Images, verbiage from sources needed, etc.

*Client suggested Content- Client gives loose parameters within their branding for us to locate and create material.

All design work requires a 1/3 down payment to begin the project, which will be applied to the final cost of the project. 
All Sales are Final and may only be disputed within ten (10) days of payment. 

Haney Hayes Promotions reserves the right to terminate services at their discretion, with causation, such as conflict of interest, hypocrisy, social injustice, to ethical ambiguity.

**Covers come with basic licensing. We charge an additional $75.00 for extended merchandising usage, per image.

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